Commercial Litigation



Wilsons Lawyers acts for a range of businesses, organisations and individuals in the areas of litigation and dispute resolution.

Our first priority is always to resolve a dispute without resorting to litigation.

This focus reduces costs, seeks to avoid the risks of court action and reduces the emotional burden.

We undertake a comprehensive and early investigation of the facts and evidence because they are critical to successful dispute resolution and litigation which:

- Enables timely advice to be provided
- Is vital in disputes where “time is of the essence” to  obtain the desired result
- Enables decisions to be made about injunctions
- Enables early productive mediation which facilitates early resolution of disputes in the majority of cases

Where a dispute cannot be resolved by mediation we undertake aggressive litigation to ensure the hearing occurs as quickly as possible to reduce cost and stress.

Areas of Expertise:

- Commercial contracts
- The Corporations Law
- Injunctions
- Guarantees
- Intellectual property
- Trade Practices
- Partnership and shareholder disputes
- Professional negligence
- Defamation
- Deceased estates
- Duties and liabilities of directors and officers
- Workplace relations and employment